Matt Laurer denies raping Brooke Nevils at the 2014 Olympics

Two years ago, Brooke Nevils made a complaint about Matt Lauer which eventually led to his removal from the Today Show on grounds of Sexual Misconduct. The former NBC staffer has again, made public claims of rape against him.

Ronan Farrow‘s forthcoming book, Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and Conspiracy to Protect Predators reveals Nevils allegations against Lauer to the effect that he anally raped her in a hotel room at the Olympics even after stating that she did not want to have porno anal intercourse. She was also too drunk to consent.

Lauer has, however, denied the allegations in a long letter, saying that the relationship he had with Nevils though extramarital, was consensual. However, Nevils referred to the sexual encounters with Lauer in New York City as completely transactional. Lauer, who was back to his ex-wife, Annette Roque, maintains that his relationship with Nevils was mutual.

According to him, her visits to him had always been without coercion. She had also never expressed discomfort with the affair or being at his apartment. He also claimed that Nevils had, on several occasions, visited him at work and had entered his dressing room where they had had sex.
He insisted several times that he never coerced her to have sex or assaulted her. He also said that at the time of their relationship, Nevils was not working for him at NBC or the Today Show. At the time, she worked for Meredith Vieira.

However, a source who remains anonymous expresses disbelief at Lauer’s story. He mentions the power imbalance between Lauer and Nevils. According to him, that Nevils did not work directly with Lauer does not do away with the possibility of him abusing her. Many people believed that Matt was one of the most powerful people in NBC. Matt could get people fired if he wanted to. He believed that Brooke was abused and taken advantage of. The source also thought that Brooke was brave for coming forward and not choosing to be silent over her abuse to avoid being tagged a cheat.

In Nevils’ response to Lauer’s letter, she spoke about the existence of two kinds of Lauer – the one that people watched on the TV and the one who would do anything within his power, including trying to intimidate a victim into silence. She declared that she was no longer afraid of him and all his tactics previously used to intimidate her.

NBA gets critiqued for ‘Kowtowing’ to China

US politicians have called out NBA for “kowtowing” to China despite controversies involving an executive in Houston Rockets. The executive had tweeted, supporting the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

Daryl Morey, the General Manager of Houston Rockets had tweeted, supporting the Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters. However, he later deleted the post, tweeting a clarification that his aim was not to be rude to Chinese fans but to injure the beneficial relationship between it and the league. China, a country who has invested a large sum of money in sports broke ties. The partners withdrew their franchise and the Television outlets refused to broadcast the Rocket games.

According to Mike Bass, a spokesman of the NBA, the tweets made by Morey was lamentable and it hurt many of NBA’s Chinese fans. He also made a disclaimer, saying that Morey’s post was not the Rocket or the league’s opinion and that Morey was simply expressing his view, and he had every right to do that. He added that the league greatly respects Chinese history and culture and it is hoped that the NBA can, through sports, act as a unifying agent to bring people together and promote cultural differences.

NBA Chinese has also reacted, saying that Morey’s tweet was unfitting and that Chinese fans were hurt by it, warning Bass to make clear that the English statement was the authorized one.

James Harden, Rockets’ star player has also apologized declaring the team’s love for China. However, the co-founder of Alibaba, Chinese e-commerce and owner of Brooklyn Nets, Joseph Tsai has predicted that the harm from Morey’s tweet will take a long while to be repaired.

Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner in Japan acknowledged that Morey’s statement had economic impacts. However, he had a right to express himself.
Sen. Marco Rubio showed indignation at NBA’s video porno response to the situation, saying that the league was turning its back on a colleague to kiss the boots of the Chinese Government. He felt disgusted that a citizen of the United States would be punished for exercising his right of speech for the sake of protecting the Association’s access in China.

According to Sen. Rick Scott, money was more important to the NBA than human rights. He said that the NBA was ‘kowtowing’ to Beijing. He further said that a meeting would be held to talk about the NBA’s relationship with China.

Coalition Speaks Out Against NBC and Sports Illustrated Interactive Bikini Contest

A national coalition of education and advocacy groups in January criticized NBC’s new reality show “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search,” objecting to the soft-porn tone of the program.

The series consists of six, one-hour episodes, airing Jan 4 – Feb. 16, 2005, showing young women competing against each other based on their body shape and size, for an opportunity to be a swimsuit model in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Beyond the now familiar strutting of women in underwear or bikinis before worldwide TV audiences, this program features a reality TV component that encourages viewers to compare, judge and nominate women who “outrate” other women based on their body sizes and shapes.

The coalition objecting to the program is composed of the Girls, Women + Media Project, Mind on the Media, Dads and Daughters, and the National Organization for Men Against Sexism-Boston Chapter.

Third Global Media Monitoring Project
Slated for February 2005

On Feb. 16, 2005, the world’s media will come under scrutiny when hundreds of people in 100 countries monitor gender portrayal and representation in the news on television, radio and in newspapers.

This third Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) will be organized by the Women’s Programme of the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC). WACC is a global, ecumenical organization which works for human dignity, justice and peace based on the belief that genuine communication is the basis of understanding and co-operation between people of different faiths and cultures. The WACC Women’s Programme works for gender justice by supporting women’s use of communication for their own empowerment and for the development of their communities.

With an even larger number of organizations and countries participating, an extensively revised quantitative and qualitative analysis, its own interactive web site, and national and regional as well as a global reports.

Feminine Hygiene Advertising, PR
Still Reticent, Executive Says

Even though menstrual products have been used since ancient times and are among the most widely advertised products in the world, the companies that manufacture them remain extremely conservative in the language they use in advertising and public relations for these products.

Journalism Grads See Little Improvement
in 2003, 2004 Job Market, Survey Says

Fewer job offers, higher unemployment rates than the national average, and low salaries lagging behind increases in the cost of living characterize recent journalism and mass communication graduates’ job-seeking experiences.

The annual survey conducted by Lee Becker and Tudor Vlad, director and assistant director, respectively, of the Cox Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research at the University of Georgia, found that only half the degree recipients in 2003 landed jobs in the broad field of communication, a finding not seen since the recession job market of 1991-1992. The median salary earned by degree recipients has remained flat for the last three years: $26,000.